Influencer Marketing Can Boost Your Fashion Business

In today’s digital landscape, fashion influencer marketing can have your message reach consumers in ways paid advertising can’t.

The power of fashion influencer marketing is hard to ignore, as social influencers have become an increasingly effective channel for businesses to promote their brand. Here are some interesting points to help you understand influencer marketing’s value.

Social Media Is Growing with No Signs of Stopping

Social media has become an integral part of society today. Facebook now has over 2 billion monthly users, with YouTube, Instagram, Twitter trailing behind with 1.5 billion, 800 million, and 300 million monthly users respectively. With these numbers, it’s understandable that social influencers can reach unbelievably large followings. Forbes states that the top 10 fashion influencers of 2017 have a combined Instagram following of over 20 million, a 2 million Twitter following, and over 2 million YouTube subscribers. It only makes sense that marketers would want to partner with the right influencers with followings like these at their disposal.

Engagement with Social Influencers Are Much More Meaningful

Personality and content are what social influencers provide to consumers. These influencers have created their own online niche and their follower base are probably like-minded individuals. Recommendations from influencers can be far more effective and can hold more weight than impersonal online ads. A business partnership with the right influencer could better connect the business’ product to the consumer. The trust between influencer and audience can likely sway purchase decisions to a business’ benefit.

It’s A Creative Way Around Ad Blockers

Many paid online advertisements are being rendered useless when faced with proper ad blocking software. It’s up to marketers to find ways to circumvent this issue and influencer marketing is a channel much harder for users to ignore. The content from influencers is enough to have their followers keeping them on their streams and timelines. With followers allowing influencer content to be shown always, marketers need only to work with these influencers to plug their product or service somewhere within the influencer’s content.

About Branding Los Angeles

Branding Los Angeles incorporates fashion influencer marketing into their client’s digital marketing strategies. They understand the importance of social media influencers in connecting core marketing messages to the right consumers. For help boosting your business with social media, contact Branding Los Angeles today at or call (310)479.6444. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram through @BrandingLosAngeles to stay connected with the latest information to help your business grow!

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