Drupal Vs. WordPress: Which Should You Choose?

Creating your first website is not rocket science. You need an eye-catching theme or layout and a great business and you are ready to go. But what if you want to sell your products online? Does it stay so simple like adding widgets and plug-ins on your layout? The answer is not as easy but is completely possible depending on your needs and functions of your business website.

Popularity of WordPress

With a 20% hold on content management systems out there, it is safe to say WordPress is the most popular choice among businesses. Most WordPress plug-ins have many different applications or solutions that can be used. When using WordPress, you have a wide variety of eCommerce options to choose from. Some major names can be used such as Woocommerce are commonly found on WordPress platforms and can vary in price depending on the use. Other than the immense popularity of WordPress, its user friendly design makes it the easiest and simplest to use out of content management systems making it that much faster to get started.

If you are more experienced however, WordPress can feel very restricting especially when designing an eCommerce platform for your businesses needs. Plug-ins and features are easy to attach and install but much harder to customize and change for your specific needs.

Versatility of Drupal

Drupal spiked interest with many with its impressive open-source alternative to paid options that are typically seen. Drupal is far more complex and advanced as compared to other platforms but opens up doors to many more specific features and add-ons. Its flexible and more adaptive layout lets more experienced users create eCommerce networks catered to their business needs.

With the possibility to do anything with Drupal, it is also more intimidating for those less experienced. There must be more involvement in the coding process to get features and plug-ins to work as you intend it, but the results are spectacular.

Final Decision

Regardless of personal experience, knowledge and preference, you must consider the overall needs and function of your ecommerce business website to make the best decision for your brand and its online success.

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