How Dove Is Changing Marketing In The Beauty Industry

Dove continues their “Real Beauty” marketing campaign in a new ad using heart monitors to measure beauty.

The video is stationed in a warehouse with one chair and one screen. Different men are seated in the chair while they are attached to heart monitors. Photos of stereotypically beautiful women are shown on the screen and the men’s heart rates are measured. As the pictures change, the heart rates stay stagnant. But when the screen flashes pictures of family members, the monitor shows their heart rates increasing.

The men describe their sisters, mothers, wives, or grandmothers and what makes them beautiful. As the heart rates increase, the message becomes clear. Dove’s slogan surfaces in the ad stating, “Real beauty touches the heart.”

The video ad fits well into Dove’s long-term marketing campaign of making all women feel beautiful. Rather than directly marketing their products, Dove is promoting their brand and beauty revolution.

They noticed the strategy all other companies were using and did the exact opposite.

What’s unique about Dove’s marketing is that their products are nonexistent in the ads. Typical marketing strategies in the beauty industry push the idea that their products are what women need to feel beautiful. Dove, however, is promoting the idea of beauty as a whole and not their merchandise.

Dove is using real people and real reactions to spark emotion in their viewers.

The ads are personable and cause the viewers to connect with Dove’s purpose. Now when people think of Dove, they think less about soap and more about human relationships. They will start conversations of the relationships presented in each ad and how Dove is changing stereotypes.

What can marketers learn from Dove’s strategy? How to make a brand go viral. While other brands battled controversies over the use of Photoshop, Dove seized the opportunity to make their own company stand out.

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