Custom Business Cards Leave a Big Impression

Branding Los Angeles is a leading expert is designing unique and creative custom business cards that really get noticed. Now only can we help you with your company logo design, our team of professional graphic designers can also help you to “think outside the box” and create a business card that is unlike any other. Even if you choose to go for a more conservative look, there are still many small ways to dress up your business cards so that you stand out against the competition.

Business CardsTextures and Finishes

The traditional option of business card is usually printed with black ink on a standard white stock paper. But with all of the many technological advances now available and at a very affordable cost, business owners can now have their logo design either embossed or raised to appeal to the client’s sense of touch. Business cards can also be printed on both sides and with a high gloss finish, adding to the level of creativity and professionalism for your company branding strategies.

Colors and Inks

Not only can your logo be embossed onto the card, but certain lines of text can also be customized in this same manner. With many more options of ink and color available today, our team of expert graphic designers can help you to create a custom business card using metallic inks, fluorescent inks and even specially pearlized hues. Design a business card that is printed in color on both sides and with full-bleed ink and in more intense colors and vibrant shades. Or create a bi-fold option that acts as a mini-brochure, highlighting your company’s many products and services.

Branding Los Angeles offers many different designs and creative solutions for custom business cards that contain more than just your name and contact information. We can even design cards that double as appointment cards, referral cards, and survey cards. Let us help you plan the design of your custom business cards today. We have lots of great ideas.

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