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A logo is the first thing people will see and remember. Making a company logo design is extremely important for start-ups. When asked to identify a company’s logo, Coca–Cola’s cursive script and Nike’s check symbol comes to mind. To achieve an identity for your company, here is our checklist on how to successfully design a logo.

1. Minimalism

Less is definitely more when it comes to a logo design. For example, Apple’s logo was once rainbow-colored when it began but today, the color is either a solid black or a simple white color. It makes it look fresh and easy to look at the logo.

2. Consistency

The logo needs to communicate to the audience in one shot by stating the company’s overall message and brand identity. Again, for example, Apple’s rainbow-colored logo associated with being free and easygoing. But not anymore, Apple wanted consumers to look professional and sleek with the white/black color change. You have to consider your brand’s characteristic and how you want to express them in your logo.

3. Unforgettable

Having a logo be memorable to customers leads them to convey your brand via word of mouth. Your logo will help you exist. Don’t mix simple with plain. Your logo needs to be unique and stand out from the rest. Without Apple’s logo having a bite taken out of it, the logo would just be another apple. Make it unexpected.

4. Extraordinary

Your logo needs to cut through the clutter of competitive companies to reach customers. A logo design exemplifies the quality of search engine optimization. Creating a logo image and text will expand your company and open up the audience to your identity. Make it extraordinary to your audience.

5. Market Testing

Can’t decide on a logo? Test it through marketing research. It’s important to get feedback and understand what you can do better to make a difference in your logo. If you don’t trust your gut, marketing research is the option for you.

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