Carousel Image Ads vs. Single Image Ads Insight on Dental Marketing

Paid ads have become an important part of any social media marketing. This article highlights carousel ads versus single image ads in both Facebook and Instagram.

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How Carousel and Single image ads can drastically affect your dental marketing plan!

Studies show that there are both benefits and setbacks that come with the use of multiple image ads compared to single image ads. Both of which have a strong use depending on the advertisement’s purpose. Here at Branding Los Angeles, we use this information to properly coordinate a strategic dental marketing plan for our clients.

Facebook’s Insight

Facebook’s performance, indicated that single image ads performed better than carousel ads. This was the case when dealing with a purposeful message. This was due to multiple images seeming less organic on a consumer’s feed. This sense of ‘awkward positioning’ indirectly altered the viewer’s perception of the advertisement. This knowledge ties back to dental practices that are overloading their social media with unnecessary information. Dental Marketing is a tough concept to grasp and if done incorrectly may actually hurt the brand.

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Instagram’s Insight

Instagram’s performance revealed there were more interactions through carousel ads compared to single image ads. This derives from carousel ads providing an opportunity to tell a story. It also allows for businesses to stay consistent throughout their message. In addition, carousel ads also provide the consumer with a chance to feel involved with the company’s advertisement through storytelling. The use of a consistent message and involving your customers is vital especially when it comes to dental marketing.


To conclude, we’ve found that both carousel and single image ads have a unique function. Single image ads provide a structure that transcends to a direct message. When you want to get a point across, single image ads should be your choice. While carousel ads provide an opportunity to feel connected with the audience through storytelling with multiple images. Carousel ads also provide an opportunity to have a consistent message on the company’s brand. In short, both single image and carousel ads can assist dental practices to promote their dental marketing if guided properly.

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