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Unless you happen to be the only real estate agent in town, maximizing the professional design of your business card is going to directly increase your sales dramatically.  The days of the standard “black and white” business card are long gone.  And in this age of rapidly advancing digital technology, there is a much wider range of design ideas that can make your business card stand out and get noticed.

Business-Card-Keller-Williams-los angelesInclude a Photo

In most cases, your clients will be meeting with several different real estate agents over the course of their purchasing experience.  In cases where shopping for the perfect residential or commercial property takes several weeks or even months to complete, an individual prospect can quickly accumulate an entire stack of business cards.  You don’t want to get lost in the shuffle.  One of the best design ideas is to include a high resolution image that is cropped close to the edges of the frame.  After all, this miniature self-portrait is going to be a type of secondary company logo that increases your brand name recognition, putting a “face” with the “name”. You can accomplish this goal by utilizing professional photography services

Real estate business card designMaximize Text and Logo Placement

In today’s world of the competitive real estate agent, digital and social media is now more critically important than ever.  In the old days, the only essential information required on a business card was the name and phone number of the agent.  Today, professional designs include website URL’s, Facebook and LinkedIn information, cell phone numbers, office numbers, and other critical data.  And placing all of this text on a smaller business card along with your personal image and company logo can quickly become congested and unappealing to the eye.

Consider All Options

Branding Los Angeles has years of valuable expertise in designing innovative business cards specifically for the real estate professional.  From choosing the fonts, colors of ink, paper stock, and finishes to designing your company logo, our team of expert graphic designers can help to boost your brand name recognition and substantially increase sales all at the same time.

We can even create double-sided business cards, perhaps including an appointment card or area map on the reverse side.  Or how about a bi-fold design that includes a place for your clients to take notes about the individual properties that you will be showing them?

Branding Los Angeles has loads of creative design ideas that will help you to close the deal quickly and professionally.

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