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“Netflix Is A Joke” Ads Explained

A week ago, white billboards proclaiming “Netflix is a joke” has appeared in New York and Los Angeles. We at Branding LA, a premier marketing company Los Angeles has to offer, are here to look into the matter.
Apparently, the jokes are on us, as this is part of an elaborate ad campaign launched by Netflix themselves.

Last […]

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5 Impressionable Business Card Designs

First impressions are built within 7 seconds of meeting someone. Branding Los Angeles, the best graphic design studios Los Angeles has, can make your first impressions last a lifetime on your business card.
First impressions are almost impossible to change and your business card is your business’s first impression. Making your business card stand out from […]

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Apple ranks #1 in Best Global Brands once again

Interbrand recently released its list of top 100 brands for 2014, and this year Apple is in the top slot. Valued at nearly $119 billion, Apple is now considered the leading brand around the world along with other big name tech companies who continue to dominate the Best Global Brands List each and every year.

Google […]

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LA County boosts arts budget by $54 million

 Los Angeles County is upping the ante by filling the coffers of the arts and culture community with an extra $54 million. In June of 2014, the County Board of Supervisors announced this “supplemental budget” was the result of several hundred million dollars that was left over from the 2013 fiscal year which ended June […]

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Does Color Really Matter in Logo Design?

Choosing the individual colors of your logo design may seem like a matter of personal preference, but many marketing experts have determined that certain color selections can have a significant impact on your company branding strategies and resulting revenues.  Your logo is more than just a line of text.  It is a visual symbol that reflects the […]

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BMW vs Military Aircraft Carrier Equals Branding Gold

BMW is taking brand name recognition to a whole new level with a creative new marketing campaign involving speeding around in a new M4 Model on board a military aircraft carrier. As if barreling around a traditional racetrack were not hair-raising enough, try doing it with the threat of plummeting off the edge of a […]

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Everything you need to know about Branding your Ecommerce Website

Owning your own Online store has become a lucrative way for individuals to make money online.  Ecommerce web design is very competitive, and your company brand strategy needs to be unique and distinctive from the rest without being overly complicated.  As a result, building a creative yet straightforward commercial website that complements your brand can […]

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Focus Groups For Market Research Are Crucial For Business Growth

Focus groups for market research have been used in nearly every industry imaginable over the years for everything from product feedback to company taglines, slogans, names, and even individual domain URL addresses. In many cases, corporate executives try to implement these research techniques themselves. However, many companies spend a great deal of valuable resources conducting […]

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Creative Logo Design is the First Step of Branding Your Project

A critical part of the branding process for any company, either of the online variety or that of a traditional “brick and mortar”, includes a highly effective and creative logo design. Where many new business owners fail is in not spending enough time on this very important aspect of advertising and marketing. An effective company […]

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Say Hello to 9 CEO’s with the worst reputations

Yahoo recently published this list of the 9 C.E.O.s With the Worst Reputations bringing attention to the impotence of online reputation management. The grouping, which includes executives from prominent companies like Sears Holdings, Dillards, Gamestop, and Abercrombie and Fitch, among others, based its rankings on employee reviews listed on The article considered any company […]