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What Are Focus Groups?

Focus groups can be defined as a group of individuals with common interests or characteristics who were gathered by a moderator. The moderator who gathers these individuals uses the group and its interaction to gain information about a specific topic. Focus groups typically consist of 7-10 individuals who are strangers to one another. In order to encourage distinctive points of view and perceptions, the moderator must create a nurturing environment.

Why Are Focus Groups Helpful For Businesses?

Focus groups have been around for many years and have helped millions of companies improve their business. In fact, focus groups have helped business owners save millions of dollars in research and development. Often times, problems are identified in focus groups. Since problems are identified early, business owners avoid paying a lot of money for production changes or ineffective marketing strategies. Along with saving money, focus groups also help companies increase their revenue. With a focus group, business owners can learn what their target audience likes or dislikes. This information is useful because it’ll help companies determine which products or services are most likely to be purchased.

A group discussion is conducted several times with similar participants to identify any patterns. Any information that is gathered is used to provide insights as to how a service or product is perceived by participants. With the implementation of focus groups, companies have a greater insight as to why certain opinions are held towards their products or services. Focus groups also help create or improve plans for a marketing campaign. In the long-run, focus groups are very beneficial for companies.

What Can Focus Group Participants Expect?

Generally, focus groups are pleasant and enjoyable experiences where participants are paid well for their input into subjects that they have already expressed interest in. The groups tend to last about an hour or two and topics can include anything from food, to movies, to alcoholic beverages, or anything else. The groups may be recorded with audio and visual, and typically participants have to sign some kind of non-disclosure agreement.

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