Batman V. Superman’s Nontraditional Marketing Approach

Our Online Public Relations team believes that Warner Brother’s marketing for their latest superhero film is extraordinary.

If you haven’t heard yet, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice will be releasing on Friday, March 25th. This video is part of a marketing campaign for charity that Warner Brother is doing to promote the film. Those donating to the charity featured in the video are entered into a context for a prize that includes a trip to the movie premier, a helicopter ride with Superman Actor Henry Cavill, a ride in the Batmobile with Batman actor Ben Affleck, and the opportunity to walk at the premiere’s red carpet with Lex Luthor actor Jesse Eisenberg.

Omaze, the fundraising organization that is part of this marketing campaign, finds that raising money by offering extraordinary prizes in return.

The reason that Warner Brother’s marketing through Omaze is interesting is due to how different other recent movie campaigns are. Online Public RelationsMany other movie campaigns do more traditional marketing that doesn’t usually have anything to do with charity.

Through Omaze’s Durell Wildlife Park program, Warner Brothers is able to stand out from the crowd.

Another reason the aforementioned video is a great marketing tool is because of how easy most people can relate to it. Moviegoers, comic book fans, and children alike have had conversations about how Batman and Superman compared.

Capturing this on video makes Warner Brothers seem more relatable and down to earth, in addition to the marketing not feeling as cold and calculated as some other films might.

Additionally, videos like the one mentioned before appeal to the masses because they are genuinely funny. The kids responses to the main question in the video are nonchalant and, therefore, naturally entertaining. These kinds of videos make audiences feel good about the film by appealing to simple human nature.

Instead of using their marketing campaign to showcase huge explosions, Warner Brothers has smartly shown us a different way to market films.

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