Avoid 30% Service Fee For Facebook ads

Starting next year, if you opt to use paid social advertising such as boosting your posts through the Facebook app on an iOS device, Apple will add a 30% service fee to your total ad payment before taxes. This shift is consistent with Apple’s approach of collecting a share from purchases inside iOS applications, which affects how companies manage their Facebook paid social media ads budget.

Why This Matters?

For every firm, the additional service fee might increase the cost of advertising efforts, impacting your return on investment (ROI). These increased expenditures need a deliberate approach to managing your Facebook paid social media advertising in order to maintain or even improve campaign success without incurring excessive expenses.

How To Avoid Apple’s Service Charges?

Branding Los Angeles, as your paid social media agency, is committed to assisting you in navigating these changes while remaining true to your marketing objectives. Here are some practical tips for managing your Facebook advertisements and avoiding unneeded fees:

  1. Boost Content on Meta Ads Manager
    Use your PC or mobile web browser to share material straight from facebook.com. This solution provides the same advantages as app-based boosting, but without paying Apple’s service cost.
  2. Utilize Prepaid Funds
    Add money to your ad account using the payment options on your PC or chosen mobile web browser. These prepaid monies may be used to promote posts on Facebook’s iOS app without incurring the 30% service cost.
  3. Meta Business Suite with Meta Ads Manager
    Both systems enable you to maintain and promote your content without incurring extra charges from Apple. You may use these tools via their individual applications or a web browser on your computer, which provides a seamless experience identical to the main Facebook app.

How to Avoid Apple’s Service Charges?

As your strategic partners, Branding Los Angeles is dedicated to helping you navigate these updates without compromising your marketing goals. Here are practical ways to manage your Facebook ads and avoid unnecessary fees:

  1. Boost Content from Facebook.com
    Use your computer or mobile web browser to boost content directly from facebook.com. This method offers the same features as boosting from the app but without incurring Apple’s service fee.
  2. Utilize Prepaid Funds
    Add funds to your ad account through the payment settings on your computer or preferred mobile web browser. These prepaid funds can be used to boost posts on the Facebook iOS app without attracting the 30% service fee.
  3. Meta Business Suite and Meta Ads Manager
    Both platforms allow you to manage and boost your content without the additional costs imposed by Apple. You can access these tools via their respective apps or through a web browser on your computer, providing a seamless experience similar to the native Facebook app.

Services We Offer

Branding Los Angeles provides complete digital marketing and social media advertising services, which include:

  • Meta Ads Management: Expertly manage your meta ads across all Meta platforms to ensure maximum reach and engagement.
  • Custom Ad plans: Create tailored advertising plans that are in line with your company’s aims.
  • Cross-Platform Advertising Solutions: Manage and coordinate your advertising across several platforms to ensure consistent message and branding.
  • Innovative Creative Production: Create eye-catching ad creatives that convert viewers into consumers.

Collaboration with Best Paid Social Advertising Agency

In light of Apple’s new service fee, working with an experienced marketing firm like Branding Los Angeles is more important than ever. We are prepared in ensuring that your advertising budget will be spent properly, optimizing ROI, and eliminating excessive expenses.

We invite you to arrange a conversation with us to explore how we can assist you alter your advertising techniques to avoid extra expenses while simultaneously increasing the success of your campaigns. Visit Branding Los Angeles to discover more about our comprehensive range of marketing services.

Let Branding Los Angeles assist you in navigating the evolving digital marketing environment. Contact our paid social agency now to discuss how we can improve the effectiveness and cost-efficiency of your social media advertising.

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