Adidas Attempts to Change Native American Graphic Design

Adidas has been in the news recently with its announcement that it will begin to offer support to schools who want to change their Native American graphic design. Support will come in the way of free design assistance.  Adidas has also pledged to help schools with the financial burden associated with the costs of renaming the school. Adidas made its announcement at the White House, where a Tribal Nations Conference was being held.

A grass-roots team called “Change the Mascot” has shown support for Adidas bold move to bring about change. The group spokesman says that he hopes that other leading companies who have a stake in mascots and logos will follow the precedent set by Adidas and adopt this change towards less offensive mascots.

Graphic design affects how people view the brand

Some major companies have been cited specifically in this call to action. For instance, Fed Ex, who endorses the football stadium which is home to a Washington based NFL team, with a questionable mascot, has been mentioned as one of the companies that will hopefully be spurred to create change.

Leaders of the Change the Mascot team have applauded Adidas for its courageous vanguard decree. Los Angeles graphic design specialists say that this new development will have profound implications for the way branding content is created.

By a recent poll of high schools, it was estimated that some 2,000 schools are still utilizing potentially offensive Native American mascots for their school’s sports teams. Leaders of the movement are quoted as saying that “High school is an impressionable time in the lives of people who will one day lead our nation. It is important to educate them and to promote an atmosphere of tolerance. The wrong kind of branding during high school can leave a lasting impression of the minds of the youth.”

The announcement by Adidas was rebuked by Washington’s NFL team, who felt that it was hypocritical of Adidas to make this proclamation. Spokespeople felt that up to this point, Adidas has profited greatly from sports teams who have utilized Native American influenced names such as the Atlanta Braves, the Cleveland Indians, and many more teams of that ilk.

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