5 Ways To Know If Your Marketing Emails Are Actually Being Read

As consumers become more technologically savvy, getting our message across can prove to be more and more challenging. Even if your email is actually opened by the reader, you only have a couple of seconds to grab their attention and land the sale. Follow these tips, and you will likely see a significant boost in the success of your email marketing campaigns.

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Email marketing is a great way to keep in contact with your customer base.


Are you utilizing the steps below in your current newsletter campaign?

1) Foster a customer relationship.

Customers like to know who is sending them an email. Send your messages from a single company employee so that a one-on-one relationship is nurtured and cultivated. Address each individual email to the customer by name, adding that special, personal touch that customers are more likely to respond to.

2) Segment your email marketing campaigns.

Not every customer is alike. Sending the same blanket email to everyone may be counter-intuitive. Break your contact list into four different segments: the tried and true responders, the new subscribers, the customers that open but rarely purchase, and the real deadbeats. Then carefully craft a unique email message that is geared towards each individual group.

3) Time your emails perfectly.

Marketing statistics show that customers are more likely to open their emails from the hours of 8 pm to midnight. Weekends are also good but tend to produce the lowest volumes of emails sent.   By tweaking your send times, you might reach a higher number of customers, ones who would have otherwise skimmed right past your email if sent at another, less opportune time of day.

4) Pay attention to subject lines.

If you really want your customers to open your email, read it, and purchase, then write subject lines that sell! Make them stand out so that the reader feels driven to see what’s inside. Use your customer analytics to write subject lines that appeal to their own individual interests, such as coupons or news articles.

5) Be polite.

We always need to treat our client list and their related email addresses responsibility. After all, it is a privilege that these people have provided their contact information to us in the first place. Try to limit your email communications so that your customers do not feel harassed or bombarded with unwanted sales messages. And always include an opt-out option at the bottom of each email correspondence. We may hate seeing those people leave, but at least our contact list will not be filled with useless, deadbeat prospects.


Email marketing takes a great deal of management and organization. Essentially, the most successful email marketers tend to treat their inboxes much like a salesperson would treat his or her own leads list. Develop a personal relationship with each potential prospect, nurture them along the way without blasting them with daily emails over and over again, and pay attention to the sales language in each and every message. Email marketing is not a “one size fits all” technique. But it can be highly successful when utilized to its maximum potential.

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