5 tips to Create Great Content for your Website

Content Creation is proving to be one of the most important items for any website, small or big. We have created the check list below to help ensure you will have great content on your website.

As more and more people are turning to the Internet as a mean to make a living wage, Freelancers are filling the internet with all sorts of SEO content, articles, and blog posts.  While most people consider themselves to be quality writers who know how to spell and punctuate a sentence, online writing is a very different animal that writing term papers for college or high school.  What works in the classroom may not necessarily work on the Internet.  Here are some tips for quality content creation online.

1.      Forget the BIG WORDS

People who read articles online are looking for a quick answer to a very specific question.  Always keep your reader in mind.  Save the big words and the flowery language for your college term papers.  This type of writing style will only leave the reader with a feeling that you are somewhat arrogant or cocky.

 2.      Write for SPEED Readers

People who are looking for information online want to find it quickly.  This is why you see so many articles written with a lot of bullet points, subheadings, and interesting headlines.  Write in clear, short sentences.  Separate paragraphs with extra spaces to break up the information on page.  Chances are that visitors to your website will not actually “read” your SEO content, but they will rather “scan” it, looking for the exact piece of information that they need right away.  Make it easy on them.

 3.      Save the Comedy for Facebook

Keep your opinions and witty banter to yourself.  Articles and other types of content creation are meant to provide information, not entertainment.  You can be funny in the comments that they leave afterward.

 4.      Link. Link. Link.

In light of the recent Hummingbird updates, spinning content will get you NOWHERE!  You simply MUST write your own SEO content.  Link to outside reputable resources to prove to the search engines that you are not a fraud.  This will get your article higher in the page rankings, and ultimately more viewers.

5.       Use Creative Headlines

Google is not the only search engine online, contrary to popular belief.  Bing is quickly catching up, and there is still Yahoo, Firefox, and thousands of others.  Bing is famous for its love of weird headlines.  The catchier the headline, the better the rankings.  But don’t go overboard.  Your headline still needs to be relevant to the article and for your readers.

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