2014 was witness to a great many companies trying to improve their branding and marketing strategies by redesigning their corporate logos.  Some of them were huge successes while others failed miserably.  The restaurant chain Olive Garden released a new logo that was widely panned by consumers while the Hershey Company made an attempt at a redesign that left many scratching their heads.  Here are 4 of the best new logo changes of 2015 that really attracted a great deal of positive attention.


It is unclear if the new logo was meant to inspire a sense of provocative imagery in the imaginations of their clients, but Airbnb’s new logo seemed to give them a boost in global recognition for their website.  Airbnb connects vacationers with owners of apartments, houses, and individual rooms as an alternative to the rather pricey and always risky hotel room.  The new logo was nicknamed “Bélo” in an attempt to indicate a sense of community and belonging among its hosts and guests.


four square new logoFoursquare went in an entirely new direction this year with the release of its new logo design.  Since the company has recently outsourced its famous check-in feature to another app, Foursquare is now refocusing their brand on local reviews and opportunities.  With a logo that looks very much like a pin that you might place in a wall-mounted map, the new design helps to establish their newly increasing authority as a leader in location targeting.


Netflix-old-newThe changes to the Netflix logo were almost completely unnoticeable to the average consumer, but it sent a clear message to industry insiders that the online media giant was making an effort to streamline and clean up its act a bit.  The elimination of the drop shadow introduced a crisp and clean new look without losing any of the logo’s original nostalgia for the Golden Age of Hollywood at the same time.


paypal old newWith PayPal and EBay parting ways, it was time for a new update to the company logo.  The Ps overlay is eye-catching and engaging while expressing both movement and “the flow of money.”  Many have noticed a few questionable design choices, specifically in the spacing between the letters, but it is a noble first effort and a positive step in the right direction.  Changing a company logo is always a risky endeavor, but these 4 corporations seem to have made it work.