2 New Features You Didn’t Know Instagram Added

Branding Los Angeles shares how Instagram working towards Instagram ADA compliance by adding two new features.

There are over 285 million individuals globally who have visual impairments. Therefore, there is great significance when websites and social media platforms become ADA compliant. This allows these individuals to also partake in the websites and social media sites that everyone else is blessedly able to enjoy. Although it is long overdue, Instagram has thankfully included two new features to make its platform more accessible to individuals with visual impairments.

1. Auto alt text

To begin, there has been an automatic alternative text feature implemented. This feature allows an individual to hear descriptions of photos uploaded through their screen reader. This specific feature utilizes object recognition technology to create descriptions of photos. Therefore, the screen reader would list items that the photos you browse through on Instagram may contain.

2. Custom alt text

Secondly, the second feature added is a variation of the first. It is the option to add custom alternative text. This allows users to be read your personal input int your alt text box.  When using this feature, your goal is to be as descriptive as possible to allow screen reader users to receive a thorough description.

instagram ada compliace

We are extremely content to see that larger companies such as Instagram are actively working towards making their platform more accessible to all individuals. Inclusivity is extremely important. To consider your platform as being truly inclusive you must work towards full accessibility.

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