To get the most out of marketing your business, it is necessary that a business engages in search engine optimization

Do you want to make it so that the website for your business is one of the first things that comes up on Google, Yahoo, or Bing’s search engine? To do so, search engine optimization, commonly abbreviated as SEO is an amazing marketing tactic to use. SEO is a marketing tool that helps to gain visibility of your website through specific keywords. Pinterest is one of the best sites for engaging in SEO and our Pinterest Marketing Los Angeles team can help.

Did you know that Pinterest gets referral traffic from over 200,000 publishers? Did you know the site also gets over 300,000 monthly visitors?

Pinterest’s wide audience range makes it an optimal site to market on. With our Social Media Services team’s help, we can make it so that your business’s website generates more traffic and increases your brand’s overall exposure. Here are the ways that we can help you through Pinterest posting:

1. Include keywords within your postsPinterest Marketing Los Angeles

When pinning, you are allowed to post a description within your post. To engage in SEO, we can help by determining a certain keyword that will help you rank on search engines. For example, let’s say that we determine that your business would generate more traffic if it showed up on a keyword search for “Florist in Los Angeles”. By repeatedly including that keyword in your posts, we can make it so that people searching for a florist in Los Angeles are lead to your main website.

2. Increase your Followers

Using Pinterest’s search feature, we can find out how to best reach users on Pinterest, as well as users looking for content on search engines. We can increase your followers by integrating and linking posts from your businesses’ other social media accounts into what you post on Pinterest; followers of your other accounts could then be naturally lead to your Pinterest page.

3. Find Niches

Pinterest’s main target audience is women aged 18-34. Therefore, there are certain topics that are posted about more on the site than others. We can utilize this to your advantage by looking for niches that have a high volume of searches but a low volume of content; this way we can market your business to achieve the greatest amount of traffic.

With the help of our Pinterest Marketing Los Angeles team, we can make Pinterest an invaluable tool in your business plans.

If you’re interested in search engine optimization through Pinterest, contact us.