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The Company:

Travel Care Mexico is an insurance policy for those traveling in Mexico; it operates in the form of a digital personal assistant 24 hours a day, which can be used for vacation or business purposes. They offer coverage for doctor visits, ambulance rides, legal trouble and roadside assistance. They also provide coupons for popular restaurants and tourist attractions in Mexico.

Website: travelcaremexico.com
Location: International
Hours: All Day (online)

The Project:

The client wanted to build business contacts within their industry, grow their online following, and they needed content to be created for their website.

The Approach:

Because the travel insurance industry is saturated with heavy marketing, we discovered that local, grass roots marketing efforts would work best for this company. We were able to build connections with local travel agents and display our brand in their storefronts; this helped to build brand awareness as well as bringing in new customers. We found that it was an advantage that Travel Care Mexico is headquartered in Los Angeles so we used this to their advantage by targeting LA travelers. We created original content that would drive traffic to their website and lead to more sales. We created affiliate programs that established a mutually beneficial relationship for both the travel agencies and the traveler. Other services included:

• Creating and running their social media pages to build an online visibility and generate client leads
• Generating client leads using Google and Bing Pay-Per-Click Ads
• Performing SEO to improve brand visibility online


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