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The Company:

Art of Charm is a team made up of highly trained coaches and social instructors who teach men how to excel in their professional, personal and romantic relationships. They offer both in-person bootcamp-style training and a podcast that is heard by over 1.2 million listeners every month. They want to give every man the tools he needs to master social interactions in all areas of his life. All of their courses are professionally organized and personally tailored to each student to ensure practical application and retention of new knowledge and ability.

Website: theartofcharm.com
Phone: 1.888.413.7177
Location: Los Angeles, CA

The Project:

Art of Charm needed help communicating who they are and what services they offer. They also wanted to grow their online following and engage with their web-community in a more meaningful way.

The Approach:

Because Art of Charm has such a unique business model, we knew that we would need to teach the general public about their company. We did this by helping them develop experiential marketing techniques that showcased their services and how they can be useful to their target market. We also created and optimized newsletters that would be posted to their website and sent via a mailing list so that their current clients would stay informed about new opportunities the company was offering. We also helped promote and build their podcast following, which is one of the top podcasts in the Apple and Android app stores for several years running. Other services included:

• Creating and running their social media pages to build online visibility and generate client leads
• Implementing Magento to create an easy-to-use back-end system
• Designing various print materials that gave their company a unique and professional image


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