Microsoft Vs. Apple: Who Will Win?

Microsoft and Apple are going head to head with marketing schemes to advertise their tablets as replacements for computers.

The battle began with Apple releasing a commercial for the new iPad Pro. Apple is marketing the iPad as a replacement for laptops. The commercials show the iPad Pro performing the functions of a laptop and using a keyboard and stylus. The iPad is able to multitask with a split screen and floating windows.

Microsoft came back at Apple with an ad featuring both the iPad Pro and a Microsoft Surface. Microsoft’s Cortana tells Siri that just adding a keyboard isn’t enough to become a computer. Cortana shows off her processor and multitasking abilities.

The Microsoft Surface is known for its USB ports and full seo services los angelesWindows programs, which the iPad does not have.

Although Apple didn’t respond to the ad, Microsoft decided to fire again. Their newest ad compares the Microsoft Surface Pro to a MacBook. They poke fun at the MacBook’s size and capabilities, saying that the laptop can’t do work as well as the Surface Pro can.

Which tablet will come out on top? It’s hard to tell.

Both tablets use keyboards, stylus, and touch. Based on only the commercials, it’s not obvious what each tablet can do that the other can’t. The key differences seem to be the USB capabilities and the keyboards. Microsoft’s keyboard comes with a track pad, making it more similar to a laptop.

Laptops and tablets in general each seem to have their strengths and weaknesses. It may be a while until consumers make the switch from their beloved laptops to laptop replacing tablets.

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