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Fashion is an ever growing industry, often drawing inspiration from all corners of the world to create new and innovative designs each year.

This year, The Museum of Modern Art, as well as The Metropolitan Museum of Art, have integrated several fashion based exhibits.

Through this, the correlation between fashion and fine art has been established and many fashion designers have discovered a new muse to draw inspiration.

This years Spring/Summer 2018 Fashion Week will be showcasing fashion based items drawing cues from famous pieces from museum walls. Brand giants such as Calvin Klein as well as Marni have jumped on the growing trend. With the way things are going, it seems that the collaboration between fine art and fashion is here to stay.

Raf Simons, the long-time art enthusiast and creative director of Calvin Klein has taken reins at the American powerhouse. Taking notes from one of pop arts most iconic figures, Calvin Klein unveils a darker line of clothing. With shirts, denim jackets, shift dresses and tank tops all patterned with Andy Warhol’s famous works, the combination of art and clothing creates a stunning piece that is breathtaking to view.

When it comes to high fashion, many of the pieces seen in these shows are too extravagant for everyday wear. This being said, it is nothing new for common fashion distributors to take ideas from the world of high fashion for adaptation. One clothing company, in particular, has been ahead of the trend for 10 years now, integrating artwork into their clothing.

Jumbie Art is an art and festival clothing company dedicated to providing the highest quality art pieces and attire possible.

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Jumbie Art can create unique pieces by mixing psychedelic aspects with creative surreal designs. Using the highest quality fabrics, Jumbie Art makes for the perfect athletic attire or clothing for casual events.

Beyond casual street wear, Jumbie Art is best worn as rave clothing during music festivals. When Jumbie Art clothing and art is put under the correct lighting, Jumbie Art transforms into a psychedelic spectacle. The specialized lighting creates the illusion of movement all along the art. To make things even better, almost all of Jumbie Art pieces are fully reversible. If you’re ever feeling like dressing down, you can flip them out and rock them in standard black or white.

Jumbie Art is the perfect example of a high-quality fashion brand. The company understands the industry as well as the niche it falls into. Creating art that is true to its own passions while simultaneously staying ahead of the trend. If you are looking to create some art inspired clothing, this fashion marketing Los Angeles based business highly recommends looking towards Jumbie Art.

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