Google Launches AMP: How It Can Help Your Business

After incremental roll outs in February and August, Google has finally expanded the Accelerated Mobile Pages Project to their search results and to users across the world.

Online businesses have come to rely on SEO and conversion rates to meet their bottom line, making Google’s AMP launch a particularly important development for online businesses. santa monica marketing company

Here’s what you need to know about the project and how it can affect your business:

What Is AMP?

The Accelerated Mobile Pages Project was created in an effort to improve the mobile user experience. People’s patience for slow, clumsy mobile websites has quickly began to fade. The expectation for brands to provide streamlined mobile experiences has never been higher–and speed is a huge part of that experience. santa monica marketing companyamp-result-v3-cellphonecase

AMP is a new way to build web pages for static content that load quicker than ever before.

On average, Mobile sites built with AMP load in less than one second and use 10x less user data. santa monica marketing company

How Can It Affect Your Business?

Providing a fast, effortless user experience for your brand’s online website is essential to the overall success of your business. It’s simple: a pleasurable mobile experience increases the likelihood of customers returning, dramatically improves conversion rates, and ultimately creates more revenue.

The Financial Times conducted fascinating research on the effect of loading speed on user engagement. They found that a slower page render time of 1-3 seconds led to a drop off in user engagement by 4-8%. That sort of drop off in engagement can mean thousands of dollars lost depending on the model and scale of your business. santa monica marketing company

In terms of SEO, Google has stated having an AMP site doesn’t explicitly help the site’s search engine ranking. In the past, however, they have disclosed that speed plays a factor, where quick, streamlined sites tend to rank higher. Google’s crawling algorithm discounts the value of slow-loading pages, meaning a conversion to an AMP site can help your business with search rankings as well.

With its recent rollout, utilizing AMP can be a great way to gain an advantage in search rankings and optimizing conversion rates for your online sites!

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