5 clever ways to become more visible as a real estate agent in 2016

The most important factor about real estate marketing is to put the customer first. Of course, the over-arching goal is to get the client to do business with your firm; however your approach must incorporate the human element in advertising campaigns.

We have compiled a list of 5 ways to properly market your real estate business so as to become more visible in 2016.

1) Be mobile friendly

The world has gone mobile. Most people now view content through their mobile devices, so it is important to design all content for mobile usage. People utilize mobile phones for reading emails, checking their Facebook, and generally staying in contact with friends and company entities. As such, we recommend making all online content mobile friendly, which includes formatting content to fit screen size and making it mobile-responsive. These small details will ensure that whoever visits your marketing real estate website via a mobile device will have a positive experience.

2) Utilize GIFs

For those of you not familiar with GIFs, they are those short looped graphic7910370882_e2d8bfd3b4_os with no sound. They are a great way to generate laughs but also an amazing way to demonstrate some sense of human emotion. GIFs can be sent via email as well. They add an element of interactivity and a sense of light-hearted comedy to can break the monotony of emails and add a sense of personalization to your business.

3) Create helpful content that also markets your business.

By creating informative content that can be shared with people in your network, you actually are helping on two fronts. You are aiding your contacts by supplying them with helpful or entertaining messages and you are also gaining visibility.

4) Increase Facebook posts

By consistently circulating interesting posts through Facebook, you can increase your brand visibility and get people to take notice of your firm.

By spending just a little money, you can exponentially increase your exposure. Utilize the “boost post” feature on Facebook and get more traffic. It’s that simple.

5) Increase your number of email contacts

Simple logic demonstrates that the more people who read your emails translates to more people who are aware of your brand. Any chance you get, you should try to add more people to your contact list so they will receive the content you generate. Try to get more emails whenever possible.










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